Those who are interested in SARVODAYA SOCIAL ORDER - Nonviolent, nonexploitative society based on the principles of Welfare of All, with Human Values and Human Dignity; environmental protection, Sustainability can join Gandhi King Foundation as Volunteers. Please join if you are;

  1. Committed to the principles of Truth and Nonviolent Social Change

  2. Leading a life based on these values and work for welfare and happiness of mankind

  3. committed to the welfare of all - humans, sub-human world and the non-living world

  4. Lead a peaceful, happy life, a life of enlightenment, love and compassion.

  • There is no age Restriction to become a Volunteer

  • There is no financial commitment to become a Volunteer

  • There is no specific demand on the time of Volunteers. Each Volunteer can decide on program and time to devote.

  • Volunteers will engage themselves to the extent possible in :

    1. Self Study - Study literature pertaining to Gandhi, King, Peace and nonviolence

    2. Engage in group discussions and online classes to improve their understanding and commitment to peace and nonviolence

    3. Participate in Events and programs organized by Gandhi King Foundation like:

      1. Gandhi King Conference held at Stanford University

      2. Nobel Peace Summit in Mexico

      3. Leading by Example program

      4. Participate and organize Youth Programs in South Africa, England, India and other countries

      5. Receive communication regarding programs and other information

      6. Relief, Rehabilitation during natural calamities

      7. Spread the word and help enrol more volunteers by spreading the message to interested people.