Gandhi King Foundation re-enacted Sabarmati to Dandi Salt March in 2013 with Peace Activists from United States of America and Canada: Jesse-Blue Forrest and Sandra Moon Dancer

The March began with Prayer Meeting at Sabarmathi Ashram in the presence of Narayan Bhai Desai, Chancellor, Gujarat Vidyapith and Amrit bhai Modi, Secretary of Sabarmathi Ashram. Gandhi King Foundation organized this March in collaboration with :

  1. Sabarmathi Ashram

  2. Gujarat Vidyapith

  3. Sarva Seva Sangh

  4. Dayton International Peace Museum

  5. Sabarmathi Harijan Ashram Trust

The March began on March 12, 2013 and went through the route Mahatma Gandhi took in the year 1930. It concluded on April 5, 2013.