Leadership Development Program for University/College Students

Gandhi King Foundation (GKF) had been working with Youth from the inception in 2011. GKF works with Universities, Colleges and other Educational Institutions, NGOs to promote Youth activities. GKF has initiated a youth program for college and university students for leadership development and better citizenry. India has a large youth force and the future of the nation is in the hands of the youth and how they prepare and equip themselves to shoulder nation building. This program aims to develop attitudes and skills necessary for personal development with a global vision. The purpose of the program is that the youth become ‘Complete Person’, become a better human being and a responsible citizen. GKF envisages students to become enlightened and empowered through this program, acquire information and knowledge, ability to process them for decision making and become role models for others.

Youth is the Pride of the Nation

Youth is the Strength of the Nation

Youth is the Future of the Nation.

These are not mere slogans but realizable dreams. This is possible when our students in addition to academic excellence, acquire appropriate skills, leadership abilities, organizational talents and become achievers and change makers. We believe that this process will help create a humane, just,equitable and sustainable society. For this, Youth must have concern and respect for

1. Themselves - self confidence, self reliance, Self-esteem, competent, skillful, healthy, enduring with a good stamina and become better persons

2. Their fellow human beings - empathy and care for others, cooperation and collaboration, mutual help and understanding with a sense of equality of all and welfare of all.

3. Sub-human world - the animals, birds and the entire life on the planet

4. The non-living world - rocks, hills, rivers, lakes, oceans, the entire planet, the nature and environment.

An individual should be a happy and a peaceful person radiating these values to others. With this approach, understanding and focus, GKF will conduct the following activities as part of the Youth Program:

1. Weekly Classes - either online or physical on the above subjects.

2. Exposure visits to places of inspiration and learning

3. Internship Opportunities to study, intensify their academic skills

4. Participation in Youth Programs - Training, Camps at Regional, National and International levels

5. Participation in International Events & Programs - like the Nobel Peace Summit, Gandhi King Conference, Gandhi-Mandela Conference, Youth Symposiums etc.

6. GKF and collaborating organizations will issue Certificate of participation and other recognition for students.

GKF will collaborate and work with Educational Institutions in the Youth Program. GKF will enter into formal ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ (MoU) with these institutions for a long-term and continued association and working. GKF Youth Program will be implemented with the participation, support and help of the Management of the Institution, the Faculty and Administration. The Collaborating Institution will appoint one or more faculty to coordinate GKF Youth Program in the respective institution.

The Institution would organize introductory program/s to bring awareness about GKF Youth Program among the Students. Students who are interested may join the Program through their faculty. Each Faculty may enroll a specific number of students that they can deal with. Based on their participation, success and achievements the students become eligible for higher programs. Selection will be done in an objective manner for such programs.

Highlights of the program:

1. GKF enters into an MoU with each college or university that is willing to collaborate with GKF by sponsoring students to this program.

2. GKF desires to have one or more program coordinators from each participating college or university, to facilitate induction of students into the program. Specifically, the coordinator is expected to spread the news about the program within the students’ body and select candidates based on their academic merit, aptitude for learning, intellectual zeal and ability to set aside time for this program.

3. GKF uses the recommendations of the coordinators, may optionally apply further validation, and finalize the selections for the program and for future opportunities.

4. The coordinators continue to play a crucial role of acting as a bridge between the students and GKF to ensure that the program flow is suitable, goes unhindered and that there are no conflicts with exam dates, project work and other academic commitments. It is generally suggested that each coordinator works with some 10-15 students, in order to ensure students can form a local connect group for improved learning.

5. Once admitted, a student is expected to participate in the program actively to the fullest extent possible, which includes

a. Attendance of at least 75% in the program sessions

b. Interaction with faculty and the other students

c. Express views and opinions freely

d. Timely completion of assigned work

e. Gain and practice skills

6. The program will be conducted during the Academic Year with an estimated 25 sessions. Sessions may be physical in nature or virtual as appropriate.

7. There will be an underlying structure to the program with prescribed course content; however, all efforts will be made by GKF to tailor the program to the needs of the students.

8. GKF will look for opportunities for students to participation in National and Global programs based on their good standing and achievements with the program.

India is a nation in the world with the youngest population.

Youth is the Pride of a Nation

Youth is the Respect of a Nation

Youth is the Strength of a Nation

Gandhi King Foundation has a major focus on Youth in its programs.

Dr. Sriram Sonty (Chicago, USA)